Konus Konex d.o.o.

Marko Grilj, 07. 01. 2021

At Konus Konex, we were faced with a big problem of wear and supply of mechanical and electrical spare parts on our needle line (we have the label “A” line). The “A” line consists of a carding, a floor base and five needle machines.

Since we had the biggest problem on needle machines, we decided to do the electronic renovation of these machines. We selected for the renovation of the lines as well as the renovation of the whole company equipment the contractor KTI. Siemens was selected for the control and display equipment, Lenze for the renovation of the gear box engines and frequency converters and Profinet for the communication protocol.

Due to the age of the “A” line (1980 and 1986, floor base 2014), we replaced AC planetary gear motors with frequency converters, as well as all electrical cabinets, made a new control unit and wrote the whole new program for the “A” line. We entrusted the works to KTI, who executed the works in a professional manner according to our plans and expectations.

The new electronics and the newly written program resulted in additional advantages, such as the functionality of storing recipes, providing the possibility of repeating the production. For this reason, and thanks to newly developed tools, such as, for example, overview of the load in the operation of each machine, we have increased productivity by 10 -15% and at the same time improved the quality. Training of new people for operation of the “A” line now takes only half an hour, since the user interface is now very easy to use. In addition, we have reduced electrical stoppages by more than 80% comparing with the use of old equipment.

Due to very good experience, after needle machines, we decided to renovate the entire “A” line. We left out only the floor base, which was only 6 years old and there were no problems with it.

Marko Grilj, director

Konex d.o.o.